Andy Price Composer


Awards and Nominations

  • Christopher Whelen Award for innovation in music for film
  • BAFTA nomination for Original Television Music for Elizabeth  
  • Sony Radio Award for On Air Branding - BBC Radio Wales      
  • London Charington Fringe Theatre Award - Best Score for Needs Must


In my opinion, Andy Price is one of the finest composers of his generation.  He can turn on a sixpence, rousing you one minute with pure melodic elation, and moving you the next with deft, exquisite delicacy.  He has intelligence, humour, tenderness and energy wrapped in gorgeous, big-sweep cinematic instincts. But he does not impose or swamp; he understands exactly what the drama wants, and that's what he delivers.  He is a painter with sound, a maestro, a true artist and genius.  Working with him is a pleasure; more than that, it is an honour.

Dominic Minghella (Writer/Executive Producer)

'Working with Andy Price many times over the last 15 years has been one of the great creative pleasures of my directing career. Andy has written the scores for at least 10 of my films; from small scale to large, each score has shown extraordinary range, beauty and sympathy for the subject, and the experience of doing it has always been fantastically stumulating and collaborative.'

Steven Clarke (Director)

One of Andy's great skills as a composer for the screen is that he reads scripts extraordinarily well. He understands what is happening in each scene and then, as with the artistic contributions from the actor, designer, director etc - he interprets the scene, adding additional depth and quality. His contribution is enormous. His ability to underscore high drama, the death of a lead character for example, is astonishing. His work always supports and enhances the emotional life of a scene.

Andy's music made the show a much richer, deeper experience for the audience.

Foz Allan (Executive Producer)


The fantastic theme music alone is enough to make you want to dash through a forest in a leather jerkin, doing brave deeds and saving peasants from baddies. (Robin Hood/Radio Times)

There could hardly be a more appropriate illustration of music's contribution to drama than Andy Price's original score for Strindberg's The Ghost Sonata (Laurie Taylor - The Times)

Much of my terror derives from the spooky accompanying music composed by Andy Price. Shouldn't this fellow be writing scores for Spielberg's next horror epic? (Sue Arnold - The Observer)